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Having an excellently designed site is an asset for a company, because it is what reflects the company's position and credibilty.

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If your website is out of date and no longer working the way you need it to, then website redesign is the answer.

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More and more people and businesses use the Internet to find information, it is convenient and saves time.

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We have tried to incorporate all the possible question you have in mind for your web project.

Website Maintenance Comapny Delhi India

If you want your web site to work…you have to keep it maintained. As you may already know, a web site can quickly decay in performance and value. Proactively managing your site can extend its useful life, maximize its return on investment and consistently increase in marketing value for your company.

Maintaining a web site is a labor intensive, complex task. To do it effectively you need a professional. We offer customized website maintenance, cheap/affordable website maintenance packages that guarantee increased performance for your site.

At Softlogic's we can easily develop a customized maintenance solution to fit any budget.

We want you to consider us part of your company - your Web Division. When you consider that we can get more work completed in one hour than the average staff person can in half a day; you'll quickly see that having us do your maintenance is the most cost effective way to keep your site current and you can focus on what you do best.

A web site maintenance package features the following focuses:


The content needs to be alive, current and accurate. With fresh information people will have a reason to return to the site time and time again. Also old articles, comments and other information should be archived.


Technology changes so fast that some say a "web year" is one month! A site begins to look and act old without updating. Furthermore components of the site can malfunction, requiring maintenance.

Community development and marketing

The visitors and activity should increase. This building of the community requires promotion and regular creative improvement.

Response and customer service

Site visitors, customers and members often need a response. They may have questions, comments, complaints and suggestions. We can handle your customer support, forum moderating and any kind of database management from here in Bangalore India.

We are sure we have a cheap website maintenance solution for you and would be happy to discuss your needs. Talk to us about your needs, we can work with you to make your product exactly what you want it to be.

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