Website Promotion

During the last few years Internet Marketing has become the biggest market place.

Social Media Optimization

With social media marketing services of Softlogics, you can stay a step ahead of the competition.

Website Optimization

In order to achieve a top position, it is necessary to optimize a web page for each keyword and for each search engine.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submissions is the process of publishing your website within the search engines.

Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click services and Pay Per Click campaign allows web site owners the opportunity to buy their way to better positions on SRP.

Online Reputation Management

Our aim is negative search results about your business and pushes it down by promoting your business.

PPC Services/Google Adwords Services

With the increasing reach and popularity of the Internet, website and web design companies in India are looking for more than just website designing and search engine optimization (SEO). The Pay Per Click services and Pay Per Click campaign allows web site owners the opportunity to buy their way to better positions on search results pages with their choosen keywords.

Pay per click marketing on search engines and other websites allows you to choose keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is performed. You decide how much you are willing to pay each time a person clicks on the search results. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose. The pay per click market in India is growing fast with Google, Yahoo and Overture offering the option based on city target where you can have a pay per click campaign specific to cities in India and abroad. Softlogics offers google adwords campaign services, google PPC services, customized Pay Per Click campaigns for its clients in India and abroad along with the services of Search engine optimization, SEO.

Why to choose Google for Pay Per Click Services

Google is the world’s largest search-engine with 81%of the world’s Internet users, using Google. While in India, we have over 49 million unique users constituting over 70% of the reach of Google.

Google Ad Words - The latest and effective search-marketing tool. More and smaller to medium-sized businesses are seeing great results with online advertising. When you advertise with Google, ads for your business show up next to the natural search results. In this way, Google AdWords connect you with potential customers ‘precisely’ when they are looking for the products and services you offer.

Target your customers – wherever they may be. What’s more, you can choose exactly where your ads appear – around the world, specific countries, only in India or just within your state.

Only pay for the ad clicks you get. Our pay-per-click model ensures that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad and visits your website. In other words, you only pay when your advertising works. We provide you reports on a monthly-basis to update you on the progress of your ads.

How does Google PPC Work

When your potential customer enters a search query, Google throws up the search results on the right hand side. On the right hand side what appears are the AdWords Ads. We work to ensure that your ads are tied to the keywords used by your potential customers. Once the user clicks on any of the Sponsored links, he is directed straight to the website as mentioned in the link. Thus the user gets the relevant information he is seeking.

For more details about our Google PPC services, Website marketing services, please feel free to contact us.

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